ANSI Escape Sequense support

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ANSI Escape Sequense support

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Support for ANSI Escape Sequences for Serial Terminal has been added to the PropForth package

The escape codes send color/formatting requests to the PC serial terminal program, and the PC does the work.

No noticeable impact to to performance. Very small code size. Handy in debugging if you like when Status=Good displays in green and Status=ERROR displays in RED.

Control text display color, foreground and background, 8 colors
Control cursor position on screen (up to 99 character wide, if somebody has need I can increase it to 999, but I'm saving 6 bytes)
Control underscore, reverse, bold, normal
Support cls (clearscreen), home, clear to end of screen, clear to end of line

Requires a serial terminal program that supports ANSI escape codes (TeraTerm works great)

Does not support italics, faint, cross-out, blink, or alternate fonts (unless you show me how they work, I never use them)

If anybody knows how to get the ANSI BLINK stuff to work with a serial term, please let me know. I really want the DANGER messages to flash in red.