Hive 060 assimilating a digital frame

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Hive 060 assimilating a digital frame

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Hi all

Maybe you can help me. On my work bench, I accidentally left a digital picture frame next to the Hive project, and now Hive 060 is trying to eat it. I can't get it away.

The main part inside is


There is a thread at the parallax forum

The first idea seems to be to simply tap into the frame's SD card i/o lines, and make the frame act as a terminal by modifying a single image file on the frames SD. The frame re-displays the image file every few seconds. It would be a poor screen for writing code, but would be fun.

Has anyone gone this route before?
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Re: Hive 060 assimilating a digital frame

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I do not understand exactly what you mean. It's hard to buy the IC in Germany.

But can you find information about the IC here: ... le_38.html