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[POC] SID player

Verfasst: Mo 19. Okt 2015, 21:59
von kuroneko
To make a long story short, I needed a testbed for my 6502 core so I decided to create a SID player. Big thanks to Johannes Ahlebrand for SIDcog and Phil Pilgrim for umath. Furthermore to Eric Ball and Darryl Biggar for their 6502 work.

The code lives on GitHub

Before people complain, not all SIDs work. This is mainly due to memory constraints and some players try to relocate themselves which is nothing I intend to stop nor control.

Re: [POC] SID player

Verfasst: Mi 20. Apr 2016, 15:28
von kuroneko
The player now has a companion, the SID.badge (SID player in a Parallax badge). It's a portable SID player with songs stored in high EEPROM.